Very very happy and proud to announce that the special issue of « CURATOR : THE MUSEUM JOURNAL » (62/3, Wiley, New York) entitled SONIC and entirely devoted to sound in museums is now available!


Initiated by guest co-editors Kathleen Wiens and Eric de Visscher, this issue presents a wide range of topics on “how and why sound can augment (museum) experience” and is able to “challenge current sonic, spatial, social and political museum identities and practices”. From the functionality of musical instruments to museum sound design, from recreations of past soundscapes to creative audiotours, sonic inclusion and the exploration of the sonic subject or persona in museums, this issue “seeks to bring to the attention of museum leaders the value of listening to our museums” and the need to curate “that experience with the same intensity as we bring to the visual field”.

Contributors : Susan Philipsz, John Kannenberg, Jonathan Sterne, Zoe de Luca, Holger Schulze, Tom Everett, Kate Bailey, Victoria Broackes, Eric de Visscher, Alcina Cortez, Amanda Abi Khalil, Annabel Daou, Nadim Mishlawi, William Renel, Gabriele Rossi Rognoni, Annelies Fryberger, Arnd Adje Both, Jeanice Brooks, Lucy Kaufman, Matthew Tyler-Jones, Kamilla Hjortkaer, Nathan Botts, Katherine Palmer, Shih Chang and Mikall Venso.

Sabino Aguad