Recent News and Updates

Happy to announce that my text « Museums as Theater : What about Musical Instruments » was published in the Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society, Volume 44

This was my contribution to a panel discussion on « Organology and the Others » held in Edinburgh in June 2017 (yes, two years ago !) and organized by Gabriele Rossi Rognoni, as part of the AMIS and Galpin Society joint conference. Other participants were Eliot Bates (now at NYU), Emily Dolan (Harvard) and Flora Dennis (Sussex University). The publication also comprises critical comments by two leading experts/scholars in organology, Laurence Libin and John Koster. Interesting debate !

Journal AMIS 2.jpg

I was also invited by Professor Jonathan Cross (Faculty of Music, Oxford University) to be part of a workshop on « The Sonic Imprint », around colleagues and friends Nicolas Donin (Ircam) and Gascia Ouzounian (Oxford University). I talked about the sonic imprint of – especially museum - objects, and how we can access this « hidden dimension ».

The workshop was followed by an exceptional dinner at Christchurch College – a full experience…

Sabino Aguad