Report on Lecture at Sound Making Space Series

Sonic Museum
Tuesday 17th April, 6-8pm
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London
Fascinating discussion, chaired by Ruth Bernatek, between Eric de Visscher and Caroline Devine (Sound Artist and Composer)
The lecture was very well attended and provided some interesting insights on how museums deal with sound, both through exhibitions, display of collections and events. I also raised the question of whether the museum could be a place for experimentation on how we engage with the world through sound. And what kind of knowledge do we gain through sound?
Caroline responded by showing some of her fascinating work, both in museum and other public spaces, dissecting how sonic interventions radically modify the way we experience sound and time. We also discussed practical and technical issues of sound levels, maintenance and audience’s reactions…

For more information on Caroline’s work, see
Follow the Sound Making Space series on their website to be informed on their future activities: it’s a very interesting series led by wonderful people!


Sabino Aguad