For the second consecutive year, I will be chairing a round-table discussion at Institut Français in London, as part of the Night of Ideas.

Please do join me for a fascinating discussion between Dr Martin Evans, Professor of European History at Sussex University, and Caroline Bergvall, writer and sound artist.

We will exchange on how sound, through language and music, is at the heart of Europe’s diverse identity, in which socio-economic and cultural exchanges have constantly fostered new forms of expression. In her texts and vocal performances (of which she will provide examples during the discussion), Caroline stresses the sonic dimensions of linguistic intertextuality in which histories of migration play an essential role. The musical influences of migration in the late 20th century are also studied by Martin Evans, in particular for an exhibition to be held in 2019 at Musée de l’Histoire de l’Immigration in Paris.

31st January, Institut Français, London

Sabino Aguad